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Say something...

2009-04-15 01:28:29 by Tancrisism

...that you would say.

Just type it, don't think about it. Let the words flow - the longer it is and the less punctuation the better, unless it is to denote a time stop in your thoughts.



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2009-04-16 18:59:18

What, like stream of sconi... consciousness? Rambling's great. I watched 'Seven' today, y'know that movie with Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey? Pretty good flick. Missed the first 5 minutes, though still felt compulsed to DVR the whole thing in case I couldn't watch the rest.

Anyway, gotta go. Time to pick up a contract and 20% deposit on $3200 dollars.

Tancrisism responds:

Seven is a pretty intense movie, and anything with Kevin Spacey playing a bad guy must be good, or anyway the role must be interesting.


2009-04-19 20:40:43

It just doesn't seem fair that the New York Yankees end up paying a bajillion dollars to all the best players in the league to try and win championships. Too bad it hasn't worked for them yet, which makes it that comical, you know? It's funnier than a clown in a blender.

Tancrisism responds:

When I went to Europe last summer I would always see Yankees hats on the top of heads that understood not a word of English. The Europeans I became friends with didn't know what they meant - they associated the hats with New York City, and thus with the cooler part of the United States. I informed them that the hate was a symbol of fascism, that it was the American equivalent of the Swastika, and that all who wore Yankees hats were undoubtedly child molesters and rapists.


2009-04-20 07:01:00

Do you have Naruto: Clash of Ninja revolution TWO?



2009-04-21 01:47:24

Where you going what choo gonna do, hey? yeah, yeah, thought so punk thought so from the bowels to the trees to the birds and the bees and the Bess biscuit best in the nest for the rest oh behest and molest but don't shit on my chest, you faggot.

Tancrisism responds:

Should I shit on your chest, that is my shit to shit and not yours to decide which placement is most worthy though should you suggest a more adequate spot I might be convinced to reconsider.


2009-04-21 15:52:15

Holy shit this might be a good idea, i think i've heard of something like this one time but never thought about it again. Sounds awesome, like just type type type without thinking about it... or wait, that was about drawing, like you'd start scribbling without even looking at the paper and eventually you'd start drawing according to what you were thinking. That sounds awesome too. But doing that for typing might be even more awesome, 'cause it'd be a lot easier to interpret. I think i'll do that in that one program "DarkRoom" sometime.

Tancrisism responds:

Typing your thoughts is a great way to do what you mean inside when you just let go and allow all your thoughts to come out in a flowing stream it's aptly a stream-of-conscious mind-accessing free-flowing writing


2009-04-23 15:01:59

i dont care for the simpsons


2009-04-27 08:23:55

Is that something you're likely to say? Betelguese. I should read new books, not ones I've already read multiple times but then I can't help it and it is nice to reread things. And Towel Day is coming up so it's sort of fitting, right? Okay yeah. Wow, how long have I been up? Fuck this, I'm reading.

Tancrisism responds:

Read hence!


2009-05-01 16:13:27

Moonlight sonata

Tancrisism responds:

Adagio sostenuto


2009-05-02 12:23:23

I keep on thinking about my own music. Makes me wonder... Do music artists enjoy their own music too much? Then, I think "most likely" because we make music the way we like it. I got too much typing to do. Yet, my hands never get tired. Maybe I'm working too hard.

Tancrisism responds:

I've found that the more I play my music, the more I get tired of it just like one gets tired of any song repeated over and over and over. It gets to the point where this feeling mixes with my attempts to make my music better, and I just begin to feel like it's all crap. I've found that the best cure for this is to record it, leave it for about a week, and then revisit it with fresh new ears.


2009-05-05 01:21:02

My comment here is being written before reading anyone elses response, and I think that's a good thing. There isn't much to be said. Your request is a bit strange, it makes me uneasy, speaking with no direction at all. Something that I would say? I usually require something to react to, but now I've got nothing but a "say whatever" :/ It's not much to work on. Shit, I'm saying nothing, rambling. Your posts are always so so articulate and well thought out, and here I am tping nothing, and a lot of it, on your blog, but it's as per your request, so all is well. HOLY CRAP, you've got audio submissions! I have to go listen.

Tancrisism responds:

I appreciate your thoughts. I would like to point out that those audio submissions are all at least 2 years old, but it seems that not all of them are utter shite. I leave them up these days because they provide me with a source of nostalgia.


2009-05-14 20:22:06

Capitalism is flawed.

Tancrisism responds:

Agreed, sir. Flawed in that it's a human construct.


2009-05-17 02:10:49

fuck em' up toddy'


2009-06-01 18:26:20



2009-07-20 00:55:21

if i wrote what I was thinking, then it would be grounds to have me locked up

Tancrisism responds:

All the better.